Fire, Hazmat, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, EMS, Police training on DVD & Online
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Trains law enforcement and other responders to safely handle situations where illegal drug labs, including meth labs are a factor. Also includes special bonus segment DVD Hazmat for Meth Labs.
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Discusses the proper type of PPE for protection from exposure to patients contaminated with Ebola or other infectious diseases, industrial chemicals, and biological and chemical warfare agents. Available for a limited time at only $99!
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The Emergency Management Package provides helpful training for emergency management personnel. The package contains three DVDs, two Instructor Guides and one resource CD-ROM.
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Active Shooter: Rapid Response DVD training video is designed for police training, school administration and others who may become involved with a mass casualty shooting event. Realistic, exciting and informative.
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The Industrial Emergency Management Package contains two training films which demonstrate how small to medium size organizations can institute an effective EOC.
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This package offers training for those who may respond to an incident involving dangerous gases. This four DVD package provides comprehensive training for emergency personnel to effectively respond to these dangerous incidents.