Fire, Hazmat, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, EMS, Police training on DVD & Online
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Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals DVD discusses the hazards of chemicals and basic safe response to incidents involving hazardous chemicals.
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Six programs included. Provides a study of the skills and knowledge needed to safely locate and extricate victims. Addresses NFPA requirements for competencies.
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Teaches the first responder, who typically is not trained or equipped to enter a confined space for rescue, how to deal with a confined space accident in a safe and effective manner.
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Inorganic Oxidizers DVD is a safety training video for workers and for emergency response personnel who may be called upon to respond to a leak, spill or a fire involving oxidizers.
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This three-part series provides a comprehensive examination of response issues in confined space emergency. Also addresses requirements of OSHA's Permit Required Confined Space Standard as well as NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670.
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Hazmat/WMD Awareness training video provides OSHA Awareness training for personnel who might be first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials or terrorism.